How do I register?

Simply fill in your details via the form.

Do I have to sign up for the fact?

No, there are no registration fees or commitments of any kind.

Why should I register and purchase offers through the web?

Because you can sign up to receive timely updated information on our offers, services and developments. If you decide to buy:
- You will have the convenience of receiving your order at the address you specify.
- Reduced shipping costs.
- Benefit from promotions and offers CLEMENTS.ES offer.


How do the shipping and delivery?

The merchandise is sent through the Agency of Transportation. You can at any time request information on the status of your order. Delivery time is usually about 72 hours. We provide you all your data to the transport agency in order that they can locate and deliver your order as soon as possible.

How much for shipping?

The shipping price varies according to weight and type of product. For guidance please see the table of indicative prices of transport:

1 Package: $ 10.

2 Packages: 13 euros

3 Packages: 17 euros

4 Packages: 20 euros.

If a little more bulky products such as furniture Assistant will be charged extra for volume of 4 euros per unit. In the case of products in glass furniture freight is charged depending on the volume of each product. The exact price of postage indicated on the confirmation page of your order along with the total amount that we provide. All prices include shipping insurance. To avoid problems with deliveries is very important to properly fill all the form data when ordering. We recommend checking email, contact telephone number, address, Nif.

What is the payment?

- Payment by bank transfer.
- Payment on delivery, with a surcharge of 5% of the total order amount with a minimum of 3 euros for reimbursement.


Documentation, billing, taxes (VAT)

Product prices do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).

With the order confirmation you can view the total amount with the VAT shown.
In order to make the bill must provide your NIF / CIF.

How do I contact you?

- You can use the contact form on our website.
- For inquiries, information or complaints about your order please send an e-mail to the e-mail:
- Phone Call 93 699 36 66 from 9 to 13 h from 15 to 18 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 9 to 12 pm on Friday.
- Send a fax to 93 699 96 26

If I'm wrong. ¿I can cancel an order?

If you still have not shipped the product and want to cancel the order, send an e-mail indicándonoslo, facilitating your datos.Si have already paid by bank transfer, remember that you will need to provide bank account details so we can return the money. After 24 hours of order processing, you will be deducted from the bank charges that may arise.

¿I can return a product if I am not satisfied?

Our commitment to our customers is to offer the highest quality and the best warranty, so we send the goods by a transportation agency with insurance coverage. We guarantee that our products leave our warehouse in perfect condition. So if you are a defective product arrives, do not accept. If you notice any abnormality in the non-receipt PRODUCT packaging, reject it. In doing so stated on the receipt of the carrier the reason why he rejects it and let us know.

If the product has no visible damage on the packaging but is in poor condition due to shipment must notify us within less than 24 hours from receipt for us to make the management of the complaint to the transport agency, SEND AN EMAIL A:

Quickly initiate the efforts of his claim and we will contact you. For any complaint, it is important to keep the product packaging. If your notice is after 24 hours of receipt We can not guarantee the claim.

What if the product has defects not apparent at the reception?

Examine the product in less than 24 hours of receipt. MUST KEEP THE PRODUCT PACKAGING and inform us immediately of the occurrence by sending an email to: It will give you a solution, provided the most suitable for each case as soon as possible. The return of the product must be in any case with all packaging, accessories, instructions and accessories of origin.


What happens when you open the packaging notes the lack of accessories, instructions, etc..?

Send us an email with the faults and we will send the most urgent possible accessories or missing.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, you can also place orders through our website. This should be recorded, indicating that it is a trader and you want to use the web to carry out their orders. We will activate private access by providing a password specifically for you. Once activated you can access required information.

¿I can place my order through the web?

Our online store is a store designed to sell both retail and wholesale. If you are a trader only needs to register and access the web via the private access to the largest shopping. The prices you see on the website are retail prices, to access the higher rate and the conditions required to pre-register and indicate their status company. Once you activate your private access, we will provide a password for yourself

How I can know how they work and conditions?

It's simple, simply register, indicating that you are a retailer and want to offer our products to their customers. By registering do not forget to give us all your details: Name, Company Name, Nif, Address, Phone, Fax, e-mail, etc..


By accessing the private area of wholesale, will offer detailed information on the conditions of purchase and services we offer.