Clements Register

To get maximum performance at the Web system must register as a filling out the form available here.

It is also possible to register by following the steps below. When you find the product you wish to purchase click on the "BUY". Then you will be prompted to enter your username and password, but if you do not have these data must register with the form below. Once completed the registration form, receive a message in the email address listed with the information needed to authenticate to the system and continue the checkout process.

Choose your product

As described in point 1, to conduct a procurement process must AVAILABLE for a username and password, as registered user. If you have not registered please read the Section 1 "Clements Register." Once username and password we simply have to click on the button "BUY" the product we want to acquire. Then you are prompted to authenticate, that is, made to them your username and password. If you have forgotten your password or wish to unsubscribe can apply from this screen.

Once authenticated as users, the system inserts in your shopping cart the product selected can continue shopping or simply process your purchase. Note that in the shopping cart you can increase or decrease the quantity as well as information about your order total, taxes ...
Start the buying process

Once you have the products you purchase in the shopping cart, simply start the purchase process by clicking on the lower right button "Process purchase." The system then presents his personal data (if you want to make a change) with shipment data are to select the destination and your shipping address. Note that you can use the address of your personal data as your shipping address or simply enter the address where you want to receive the order.

 Once this simple process, the order is in progress ... Within hours will contact you.