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Kit limpieza vinilo

Quick Overview:

Essential for the maintenance and cleaning of vinyl kit.

Ideal kit for cleaner Records LP vinyl 

 The set includes:

- 50ml. liquid spray cleaner.

- A soft cleaning cloth cotton.

- Carbon fiber brush.

- 20 ml. liquid cleaner with brush wet cleaning needle

- Bag products.


Essential for the maintenance and cleaning of vinyl kit.

A set of products for the maintenance of high-quality playback of your vinyl records. The set includes a smaller version of the classic "Records Cleaner" and soft cleaning cloth. The classic brush carbon fibers is also included to dust vinyl and removal of static buildup. And last but not least contains our brush wet cleaning needle. This is ideal for any new vinyl lover initiation. All presented in an exclusive velvet bag.

This kit contains: 50ml. spray liquid cleaner spray. soft cotton cloth for cleaning vinyl records. Antistatic brush carbon fibers. 20ml. cleaning fluid and brush pen with the needle. A velvet bag to store all products in one place.